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Zynga's live services continue to drive record results

Zynga's M&A activities that have seen him take the studio behind titles such as Empires & Puzzles and Merge Dragons have helped the company achieve the best revenue and bookings for the Q2 financial period. For the quarter ended June 31, 2019, California-based publishers increased revenue by 41 percent year-on-year to $ 306 million. Meanwhile, bookings increased 61 percent to $ 376 million. Overall, Zynga still saw a net loss of $ 56 million due to the acquisition of Small Giant Games and Gram Games, even though this was $ 14 million better than the guide.

After EA Mobile boss Frank...

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Event Focused on the Fate/Grand Order Game


The opening event in Los Angeles will include voice actors Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka, Ishtar) and Satoshi Tsuruoka (Arash, Gilles de Rais, Caligula Spartacus), as well as Fate/Grand Order producer Yōsuke Shiokawa as panel guests. The event will also feature a monument setpiece, a Noble Phantasm display area, a memorial message wall, a photo op area, the Fate/Grand Order VR Experience, a play area for the Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure- board game, and other stage events.


Titled The Grand Time Temple: Salomon, offers a more than adequate conclusion to a story that with its ups and downs always knew how...

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Packs Will be Available for World of Warships


Developer and publisher Wargaming.net today announced the Founder's Packs that will be available for World of Warships: Legends Early Access phase beginning April 16, 2019 and the contents therein. Exclusive to the optimized console version, World of Warships: Legends Founder's Packs will include everything a captain needs to get their naval career off to a flying start, including exclusive first dibs on the Early Access launch for PlayStation 4 players. Today we learned through a livestream from Yokosuka, Japan, that World of Warships is soon going to get some Azur Lane content, at least on the Japanese servers. Of course,...

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Development of Path of Exile's PS4 Version

The Crawler will speed up or slow down to match your pace, so you don't have to worry too much about it rushing ahead, and once it reaches the end of that section of map you'll have a boss battle, after which the path you've taken will be lit up. You can then run back and forth along it in safety, venturing out into the darkness if you spot something particularly shiny. Delve is a temporary challenge league, which means you'll start with a brand new character who has several months to explore it before the next expansion launches. It's...

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